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OHSA Prestart Health & Safety Review

At STEM We have professional engineers who have been specifically trained in, and have experience performing, PHSR reviews.

Section 7 of Regulation 851 under OHSA deals with "Pre-Start" Health and Safety Reviews. This type of Health and Safety Review is required in a factory whenever a process or equipment addition or modification involves any of the following:

  • flammable liquids,
  • safeguarding devices that signal the apparatus to stop,
  • rack or stacking structures,
  • risk of ignition or explosion,
  • dust collectors,
  • molten or melted material,
  • lifting devices, travelling cranes or automotive hoists,
  • exposure to substances in excess of regulated limits.

The PHSR includes the preparation of a written report by a professional engineer or a person with special expertise.

The PHSR, among other things, will identify any hazards in relation to the process or equipment and the measures that must be taken for the process or equipment to comply with the requirements of Regulation 851.

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