2nd STEM Lunch – BBQ 2017

The longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere will occur on June 21st.  This day, often referred to as Summer Solstice, marks the day when Earth’s rotational axis is most inclined towards the star that it orbits: the sun!

To celebrate our planet reaching its maximum axial tilt towards the sun, STEM decided to celebrate by hosting another barbeque. There were plenty of sausages, cooked by our master chef Nathan, to go around.

It is always refreshing to gather outside in good company while enjoying delicious food! Present at the barbeque were STEM’s hardworking staff, family members, and even pets! The grilling crew was willing to host the barbeque, rain or shine. Fortunately, the rain held up and the afternoon proved itself to be yet another beautiful one!


Randy’s dog Bailey joined us for the BBQ too!

Randy and Andrew waiting for the Sausage to be ready.

Dan & Brendan took a break from the John St. project to join us for lunch.


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