John Street Road Construction – Underway

Work has begun on reconstruction of John Street from Cathcart to Edinburgh. This work is being done to construct a new bypass, or relief, aqueduct to add much needed capacity to the existing Fort Creek Aqueduct. This new aqueduct will help to alleviate localized flooding and greatly help in the future reconstruction of the main Fort Creek Aqueduct.

In addition to the new aqueduct, all underground utilities such as sewer and water lines will be replaced and the street will be repaved with new sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. This project will be a significant upgrade to the infrastructure in this area and will nearly complete the municipal reconstruction of John Street south of Wellington.

Figure 1: Excavation has begun in the Cathcart and John Street Intersection as we begin the third phase of construction on the John Street Aqueduct By-Pass.

Figure 2: First section of 1050 Polypropylene pipe being installed. Workers are compacting the sand around the pipe.

Figure 3: Fisher Wavy on site placing concrete for the benching on MH-A.

Figure 4: PUC on site commissioning the temporary water supply.


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