Renovations are well underway for Sault Ste. Marie’s newest Elementary School

Construction continues inside and outside of St. Basil Elementary with a variety of improvements, including site improvements consisting of new kindergarten playgrounds, storm network and asphalt.  The new St. Basil site will also be home to a stand-alone day care facility operated by Algoma Family Services which will also have similar upgrades.

Existing rear yard awaiting the new improvements.


New asphalt play area with perimeter sub-drains. Two basketball courts to be installed after the new asphalt is placed.


Stockpile of Excavated Asphalt ready for crushing. On-site recycling and the reusing of some of the existing material from site has helped significantly in the environmental and disposal aspects.


Crushed and Screened RAP (Recycled Asphalt Product) excavated from St. Basil`s Parking Areas.


Crushed and Screened RCM (Recycled Concrete Material) from demolition of F.R. Mills and Notre Dame Des Grands Lacs.

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