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There are several factors that differentiate TULLOCH and position us as the best engineering and survey firm to
support your project.

Our Caring Culture - We pride ourselves on providing a family-like environment with a caring and cooperative culture. We strive to build an organization where everybody loves their job and their leaders care for them. 


Our Expertise in Field Programs and Construction - 60% of our workforce is dedicated to field programs and construction sites. We offer a vast depth of constructability knowledge to bring projects across the finish line. Simply put, we know how things are built, which makes us a better design firm.  

We Embrace Challenging Work Environments - We excel in the logistical challenges of delivering projects. We have received accolades for being a “boots on the ground” engineering firm and have developed a culture that embraces challenging project conditions. Challenges have included harsh winter conditions, difficult access, rough terrain, remote sites, and congested urban environments.  We pride ourselves on developing creative solutions to get the job done.


Our Expertise in Geomatics and Spatial Technology - Our team has more operational mobile LiDAR scanning experience than any other group in Canada.  The core team brings over 50 years of combined experience in mobile LiDAR alone, along with a resume of over 250 successful high-accuracy mobile LiDAR corridor projects across North America and abroad. Our team pioneered the use of ground-based mobile LiDAR technology and is considered an industry leader across North America.

Our Specialized Engineering Group - TULLOCH offers multifaceted engineering services with specialist engineering staff working in our Ontario and British Columbia offices. We have the size and expertise needed to deliver on complex and challenging projects both locally and nationally. 

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