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With the goal of zero incidents, TULLOCH is committed to a safe working environment supported by our
internal responsibility system. 

Safety First, Always.

At TULLOCH, Health & Safety is front and center, a value embedded in how we operate. It is a deciding factor when customers, employees and partners choose TULLOCH - and how we choose them.

Health and Safety is inherent in our culture, woven not only into our daily operations but also the personal values of our leaders and employees. We empower our employees to adopt a questioning attitude and to hold us accountable on risk management and doing the right thing. Our Health and Safety program is built on trust and respect, accountability and inclusivity, continuous improvement and open communication.

We believe that training is a vital to achieve a safe workplace. Onboarding and orientations lay the framework for new employees joining our team. Leadership and technical training are imperative to develop new skills while staying current with changing technologies and times.

Health & Safety

Management Certifications


Alberta: Certificate of Recognition (COR)

Health & Safety


TULLOCH supports, maintains and utilizes the services of: 

Canadian Center for Occupational Health & Safety (CCOHS)

Infrastructure Health & Safety Association of Ontario (IHSA)

Ministry of Labour, "Safe at Work, Ontario" (MOL)

Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP)

British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA)



COVID Safety Meeting.jpg


How we are serving you during the global pandemic.

TULLOCH is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for our staff, clients and communities.  Our WHY Statement, “to build an organization where everyone loves their job and their leaders care for them”, is the foundation to our COVID-19 response. Many of our staff work from home and we’ve implemented COVID specific protocols for our field staff to ensure that they are able to continue operating safely while meeting the needs of our clients.

Our internal COVID response team will continue to monitor the pandemic in the communities we service.  This allows us to provide both physical and mental supports to our people while producing the same excellent quality on which our clients rely.

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