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We are leaders in providing robust, comprehensive and cost-effective instrumentation and monitoring services.

TULLOCH Instrumentation and Monitoring provides value added services that are unique in the industry and offer exceptional value to our clients. We work hard to maintain partnerships with leading technology providers and to leverage our internal synergies to continually provide efficient service and supply the most cost-effective and reliable instrumentation sourced from the best suppliers. Our goal is to continue to be leaders in our industry in providing instrumentation and monitoring services. 

Internal Synergies - With our Geomatics, Instrumentation and Monitoring and Geotechnical practices under one roof, TULLOCH is able to save time and improve communications. 

Technology Partnerships - TULLOCH's established industry partnerships enable us to source, install and perform monitoring services for complex and challenging projects in both urban and remote areas. We have a full range of instrumentation and monitoring services to monitor the ground, groundwater and construction effects. 

Remote Monitoring - TULLOCH can provide project-specific satellite-based SAR, robotic total stations, cloud-based visualization software and data management. 

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