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We strive to be exemplary leaders in order to build an organization where
everyone loves their job and their leaders care for them.


Chief Executive Officer

Mark is TULLOCH's President and Chief Executive Officer. He has extensive experience in project management and corporate oversight. Mark leads our executive team and plays a significant role in the development and construction of projects across all of TULLOCH's divisions.

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Chief Financial Officer

Dave is the TULLOCH's Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for the overall project management of TULLOCH's Engineering practice. Dave has been involved in many geomatics, community infrastructure and highway engineering projects across Ontario. 

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General Manager,

Contract Administration

Cory is the General Manager of our Contract Administration practice. He is responsible for oversight of Ministry of Transportation of Ontario Capital Construction projects.  Cory has experience in highway and structure construction inspection, constructability reviews, value engineering studies and cost-risk assessments.


General Manager, Enterprises

Marla is the General Manager of our Enterprises division.  Marla is responsible for the management and oversight of all administrative essential services.  She has thorough experience in administration, accounting, and human resources and provides guidance and direction to all administrative staff.

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General Manager, Engineering

Larry is the General Manager of our Engineering practice. He is an accomplished engineering executive with extensive experience in the Land Development, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, and Environment Sectors. Larry is a consultant providing advice and services to developers, municipalities, First Nations, the Provincial Government and industry.

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General Manager, Geomatics

Rocky is a General Manager of our Geomatics practice, responsible for our Canadian operations. Rocky is a consulting professional surveyor and has overseen all aspects of a National Geomatics Practice in the Oil and Gas, Transportation, Infrastructure, Buildings, and Renewable Energy Sectors.


General Manager, Mapping

James is the General Manager of our Mapping practice which focuses on the use of mobile LiDAR for transportation corridors, rail transit corridors, municipal applications, and mining applications.  James is responsible for leading a management team of highly skilled individuals that oversee daily operations.

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