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Geospatial Capabilities: High Definition Laser Scanning

We want to share some exciting news from within the TULLOCH organization relating to the continued advancement of our Geospatial solutions offerings. TULLOCH continues to expand our capabilities in advanced Geospatial solutions to our valued clients. We are well known to our existing clients as industry leaders in Engineering Surveys leveraging our significant field resources combined with Mobile LiDAR Systems, aerial photo/LiDAR mapping, UAV mapping, and high definition terrestrial laser scanning. In recent months we have expanded our capabilities by investing further in training for our people on specialized high definition laser scanning processing, feature extraction, and modelling software as well as new hardware acquisitions.

We are excited to announce we have recently acquired a Leica P40 as well as a Leica RTC360 scanner expanding upon our Geospatial capabilities in the infrastructure, industrial, and Oil and Gas markets. The P40 and RTC360 scanners offer the highest quality 3D data and high dynamic range (HDR) imaging at extremely fast collection times. These tools enable the capture of complex 3D geometry for roads, rail, bridges, buildings, energy facilities, industrial sites, and complex oil and gas facilities. The P40 is well suited for infrastructure projects where accuracy and scanner range are paramount to a successful outcome. The RTC360 is best suited for complex and busy industrial sites requiring more scans in less time.

TULLOCH offers a full range of deliverable options anywhere from georeferenced point clouds to full Revit models at various levels of detail (LOD) and digital twin viewers.

Contact us at to discuss your next project.

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